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Invest in Iasi 2017 Regional Economic Missions


The Invest in Iasi regional economic missions have the purpose of bringing together entrepreneurs from the Romanian regions Crisana, Banat, Transilvania and more.


Entrepreneurs and managers from the Western Romanian regions will have the opportunity to meet, get to know and develop partnerships with entrepreneurs from Iasi and also from UK. Iasi has recently undergone remarkable changes and great economic growth and development, which makes the city an important market for companies to expand their businesses on.

Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, managers, people involved in entrepreneurship under various positions and roles, and also those who wish to live an unique economic-touristic experience.

Participation benefits

  • You have the occasion to attend the Regional Forum Iasi 2017 ;
  • You have the opportunity to meet more than 50 companies from Eastern Romania in a short period of time - 2 days;
  • You get to meet Mihai Chirica, the Mayor of Iasi;
  • You have the chance to visit Iasi - historical city, flourished over the last years;
  • You can identify export/expansion opportunities;
  • You can have access to business contacts from UK, Iasi and North-Eastern Romania;
  • You can find new methods of getting information or of promoting your business;
  • You can enjoy the cultural and touristic program.


(We will send you the details and costs via e-mail.)

I am from Banat:

I am from Crisana:

I am from Transilvania:


Day 1: April 3 - Invest in Iasi Day

12:00 - 13:00 Delegations ArrivalIasi-Roznovanu

15:00 - 16:00  Meeting with Iasi Mayor
The delegations will meet with the mayor of Iasi and other representatives of the local administration.

16:00 - 19:00 Iasi City Tour
The trip will include a tour of the most famous Iasi landmarks, such as:

  • Union Square;Palat-Culturii
  • Golia Monastery - a 17th century monastery situated in the heart of the city with its Clock Tower, the oldest building of 13th century in Iasi;
  • The National Theater - built in just two years at the end of 19th century by the famous Austrian architects Felner and Helmer, first theater of its kind in Romania;
  • Metropolitan Cathedral and Catholic Cathedral;
  • Roznovanu Palace - the building which houses the City Hall;
  • The Three Hierarchs Monastery - one of the most fabulous religious constructions in Romania because of its unique exterior architecture;
  • The Palace of Culture - a neo-gothic palace, constructed at the beginning of 20th century, inspired from Hotel de Ville Paris.

20:00-22:00 Invest in Iasi Special ReceptionLogo_III
The reception is a VIP event. It offers free entrance, but it is by rated invitation only.

Day 2: April 4 - Day

09:00 - 18:00 Iasi 2017 Forum: discussion panels & B2B sessions

Day 3: April 5 - Departure Day

07:00 Delegations departure

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