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If you are looking for a real estate consultant, we recommend UIL Casa, which is a team of professionals committed and determined to help people in the most efficient way possible.



Authorized translation services, certified translation, specialized translation, interpretation and related services (such apostille, legalization) to the highest quality and best price in Iasi!


The package for the accounting software are designed for following the requirements of the actual market, by offering a prompt and simple access to all the available resources. WinMENTOR has integrated instruments for storing, analyzing and rapidly reporting information, allowing the management to access the accounting information in real-time.

High quality office space is available in Iasi on the following link – Download JLL Iasi Office Market Report


IASI - harta birouri 2013

Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) has started from 2015 a new local branch in Iasi, called RoGBC Moldova. This project will have extensive infrastructure and national activities of the organization, will provide a training platform Green Building Professional, will organize local events, focusing on the benefits that can be brought to stakeholders from this region. The organization is open to the all companies in the field of sustainable construction wishing to become RoGBC members.

The RoGBC is an inclusive organization recognizing the importance of the involvement of a wide array of companies including: Real Estate Developers, Investors, Facilities Managers, Construction Manufacturers, Expertise and Technology providers, Professional Firms (Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Lawyers, Etc.), Financial Services, Academia and NGOs.

Romania Green Building Council is a non-profit, non-political association that encourages the market, educational, and legislative conditions necessary to promote high performance construction that is both sustainable and profitable. The organization follows the model of other successful Green Building Councils (in countries such as US, UK and Germany), but has been adapted to the Romanian market requirements. The RoGBC is the first Eastern European Council accredited as an „Established Member” of the World Green Building Council, an international organization that consists in over 65 Green Building Councils around the world at different development stages.

IASI - harta birouri 2013


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