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The criminality rate in Romania is very low, but still a tourist must take care of his pockets, luggage, especially in great cities and in crowded places. There is a probability of 50% that a person looking like a tourist to be spotted by a criminal individual. You mustn’t believe anyone, even he/ she shows you documents, alike the official ones. If you have any doubts, try to go to the nearest police station or scream for help, and in the most cases, these people will go away immediately.

It is preferable to use only taxis, belonging to companies.

It is also preferable to carry on you some id- documents. If you desire instead to put them in a hotel safe, in order to avoid any theft risk, this is not a problem, the police officer accompanying you to the hotel to check the documents.

Marijuanna and prostitution are illegal.

Avoid changing money on the black market, because this change is illegal and is punished according to the law.

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