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Custom settlements for people:

Romania applies the international regulations from the Convention for customary facilities in the foreign traffic. The exceptional valuable goods- jewelry and foreign currency ( over 100 dollars per person) must be declared when entering the country. The approved customary statements must be kept, because you are going to need them when leaving the country. The drivers must have the car’s papers on them, including the green card and the driving card. The dogs and cats need vaccination papers against rabies. It is forbidden to import ( excepting when you have a special permit), lei ( Romanian currency), ammunition, explosives, narcotics, pornography, etc.

The people from UE, SUA, Canada and Switzerland may visit Romania without any visa, just having a valid passport for at least 90 days. For the majority of the other countries a visa is necessary.

As for the people who come from  the Moldavian Republic who come to Romania there are necessary at the custom a passport available for minimum 6 months from the date of the entering the country, justifying documents regarding the purpose of the visit in Romania, and a sum  for assuring the staying. For those leaving Romania to the Moldavian Republic, there are necessary in the custom  a passport available for minimum 6 months  from the date of crossing the border the sum of 20 euros / day, minimum five days for assuring the staying, and a go- return  transport ticket.

When entering the country a tourist is allowed :

– cigarettes: 3 packs of cigarettes

– alcoholic drinks : 4 liters of wine or 1 liter of brandy

– a reasonable souvenirs quantity

– medicines for self using

The customary policemen don’t usually check the tourists luggage. Still, you have to know, that, as in any other country, they have the authority  to check the passports, the luggage or personal checking, without a preliminary announcement.

Customary settlements for goods:

Necessary  documents for the exported goods in custom:

  • the customary exporting declaration ( in detail)
  • the firm’s documents
  • the export license ( in each case)
  • the origin certificate( in each case) the certificate type Eur 1 can be released by any customary office under the request of the exporter
  • the payment of the customary commission of 0.5 % besides the goods exported with the origin certificate type Eur 1

Necessary documents for the import in custom:

– the import customary declaration( type form ) – for the declaration of the imported goods
– documents of the imported goods ( the invoice, specification, quality certificate, etc.)
– the international transportation document ( which accompanied the goods)
– the documents of the importing company

– the unique registration code(CUI)
– the status and the establishment contract
– the judicial establishment decision

– the declaration for the customary value ( type form)
– import license ( for each case)
– the origin certificate goods ( for each case)- in some cases ( the exporter in known to the customary officer through the current exports and is authorized  by it), the origin certificate can be replaced by the exporter with a declaration on the invoice;
– any other documents foreseen through special regulations
– the payment document of the customary taxes ( payment order, banking guarantee)

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