Invest in Iasi, Cernauti, 2016 | Invest in Iasi

Invest in Iasi, Cernauti, 2016

Chernivtsi – Small Vienna of Bukovina


Former Romanian region, found in the East of Ukraine, Chernivtsi is at a three hours drive away from Iasi. With its beautiful architecture, the city is a fascinating mix of past and present. The region is multi-nation, including many nationalities like Ukrainians, Romanians, Moldavians, Russians and Polish. The region has favourable geographical location and transportation to European capitals: Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrade, Moscow, making it easy to travel.

Natural resources like forests are of great importance for the economic and social development of the region, but also others like oil, gas, deposits of mineral waters and building materials.

The economic activity of the region for the last years is mirrored by the sustainable growth of many indexes and this is due to the active support of traditional activities.

The ITC market is starting to develop quickly in Chernivtsi. Considering the shortage of IT specialists on the market, a visit to Chernivtsi is a must in the agenda of every HR manager, delivery manager, site manager in the ITC companies in Iasi and not only. Chernivtsi has around 400-500 graduates each year that are relevant for the ITC industry:

• University of Bucovina – Faculty of Computer and Technology Systems
• The Public University of Economy and Finance Bucovina – Accounting Economy Department, specialty – Computer Science
• Polytechnic College Chernivtsi – Development Department – specialized software development
• The Institute of Commerce and Economy Chernivtsi – KNTEU – Faculty of Business and Information Technology – Faculty of Economic Cybernetics and Software Engineering
• The Industrial College Chernivtsi – Software Development, programmer
• National Technical University „Kharkiv Institute Polytechnic” Chernivtsi – Faculty of Engineering, Computers.
• Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Partnerships have been developed between Iasi and Chernivtsi by local authorities to support Iasi in becoming European Capital of Culture. is joining the effort of bringing together the business environments of the two regions by organizing common conferences of the ITC industry in Iasi and Chernivtsi.

A relevant example for the regional IT industry is Horizont Business Hub, a concept of office-sharing in the centre of the city, which hosts around 80 start-ups and self-employed entrepreneurs, as well as many specialized conferences.

Chernivtsi offers a multitude of resources, low costs of doing business and it is definitely an opportunity not too miss!


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