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Modernisation of IASI International Airport

Industry sector: transport infrastructure
Estimated cost: 200 million EUR


The project contributes to carry out the Romanian transport development policy, to the economic welfare of the region.
Iaşi Airport is in the area of the eastern European Union border, its position being fundamental for crossborder cooperation.
The planned investments for Iaşi Airport in the investment objective „Development and Modernisation of Iaşi International Airport” refer to the following projects:

Module I – airport runway

• landing – take-off runway (PDA), including platforms, access roads, perimeter road, handling road, balizage installations;
• Installations for protection of air navigation and telecommunication (PNA);
• fencing, access gates, control points and external surveillance systems;
• external networks;
• warehouse for aviation fuel and car fuel;
• fire-fighting services, platform handling and maintenance of air infrastructure.

Module II – Passenger Terminal

The passenger terminal is developing on three levels – ground floor, mezzanine and floor 1.
The structure is designed so that it allows extension in the future, when the traffic necessities will ask for it.

Module III – Cargo Terminal

The cargo terminal will be developing on two levels: ground floor and first floor

Module IV – Plane Hangar

Maintenance hangar and aircraft parking is composed of two bodies annexed:
– The hangar itself
– Administrative body on the ground floor and on the first level

Cooperation type Joint-venture, PPP, BOT, other

Partner description: The partner should be interested in developing a PPP, like a BOT, with an international financing on long term.

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